PenDriver Pro

Smart Manual & Smart Automatic

The PenDriver Pro is kitted with all the essentials to assemble or disassemble a device with speed and precision. The Pro is programmed with Smart Automatic Mode, this mode makes the PenDriver Pro the most intelligent electric screwdriver.It uses smart algorithms to predict, sense and determine screw orientation. Within this mode no torque selection is necessary because it reads torque from the previous fastened screw and recalls it to the loosened one.

PenDriver Pro Housing

The PenDriver Pro is shipped with soft touch magnetic clam housing with 3k twill Carbon Fibre inserts.

The PenDriver Pro thinks for itself by mixing technology with functionality

In Manual mode  a greater  amount of force is applied and a screw is loosened. To fastening a screw a lower force is applied. This eliminates fatigue and improves productivity.

Watch Tutorial

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